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Reality Star Tells All

Internet Celebrity Admits Secret Craving

Internet sensation and self-proclaimed diva Vanessa Hewlett confessed she has one snack she cannot live without. “I have made it very clear to my people that I just can’t get in front of the camera unless I eat a whole bag of The Daily Crave’s Organic Veggie snacks,” She revealed to Italian tabloid reporter Lorenza Guadagnino. “They’re simply fabulous, just like me!” Hewlett claims eating them helps her feel satisfied, and she has incorporated them into her boot camp training. “You have to feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside,” she said as she showed off her perfect pout and snapped a selfie.

Snacking Zen

Spiritualist Incorporates Ideals into Snacking Habits

Renowned yogi Lindsey Calhoun recently sat down with us and discussed how she incorporates her philosophies into her lifestyle. “I will not eat anything but organic food,” Calhoun stated. “When I am meditating, I cannot be distracted by my physical body, and The Daily Crave’s Organic Veggie Straws help me feel grounded.” Calhoun stated she keeps the snacks all around her yoga studio for her students, along with fresh fruit and plenty of water. “It’s all about balancing your energy,” she stated. She then stuffed a handful of veggie snacks into her mouth and gracefully moved into the lotus position.